The music

    The following songs were highly-influential in the writing of the story. If you are on a broadband connection I recommend you download each track and listen to it while reading the respective section. Links for each of these .mp3 files is also available at the top of each page of the story for your convenience.

Now a fully mixed CD-length mp3 of all the Dive music can be found here.

orinoko - island (thrillseekers remix)
frou frou - breathe in  (watkins vocal mix)
alena - turn it around (oakenfold remix)
atb - i wanna cry
ocean lab - sky falls down (vocal mix)
shine - feelings (dj tandu mix)
lamb - gorecki
kristine w - stronger (johnny vicious mix)
shane - too late to turn
olive - you're not alone (atb mix)

The best track to listen to immediately following the completion of the story:

yanou - on and on

Finally, here is a list of every other song that I listened to during the creation of the story. If you like the mood of the above tracks, you'll love these as well:
(links pulled, too many people leeching these from the server with no involvement in the story)

-j boen